Info     Date     Time  
  West Malvern Music Night     Every Thursday Night     9:00pm  
  Truck Stop Trixies at The Red Lion Folk Club, King's Heath     Wednesday, 21st February     8:00pm  
  Behind The Music at Paradiddles, Worcester     Saturday, 3rd March     8:00pm  
  Sun and The Rain Men, Lobelia, Buswell at Cherry Reds, Birmingham     Monday, 5th March     7:30pm  
  Private Party, Leominster     Wednesday, 7th March     8:00pm  
  Vo & Tyler, The Sociable Beer Co, Worcester     Friday, 23rd March     8:00pm  
  Vo & Tyler, Americana Festival, Dursley     Saturday, 24th March     TBA  
  Vo & Tyler, The Three Kings, Hanley Castle     Sunday, 25th March     9:00pm  
  Solo, The Oil Basin Brew House, Worcester     Wednesday, 28th March     9:00pm  
  Tyler Massey Trio, The Plough, Worcester     Wednesday, 6th June     9:00pm